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It's Time To Write Your Genius.


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Are You Ready?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are.  Your coaching or consulting business is successful.

Now you’re ready for something more.

It’s time to demonstrate your thought leadership.  To show the world there’s a different way of doing things.  Your way.  And it works.

Now is the time to write your book.  The one you’ve been thinking about – maybe talking about – for years.

You’re ready to grow your business.  To position yourself as a leader in your industry.  To increase your influence.  To jump-start your speaking career.

But …

You don’t know how to “package” who you are and what you do.  You’re not a writer – and you don’t have the time anyway.  The traditional or self-publish debate is too confusing. Or maybe you even think you’re not ready to be a thought leader.

Let’s look at what’s holding you back.

I’ve created a method for capturing your specific form of genius so you can share it with a wider audience.  You most likely already have content that can be re-purposed.  We’ll create a solid, focused outline for you to write from, so you can get on your way toward sharing your genius with the world.

Let’s get started.


What Is A Thought Leader?

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it.”
–Henry Ford

Let’s reclaim the term “thought leader.”


Somehow, it’s picked up a rather shady reputation.


While Wikipedia claims that Henry Ward Beecher was described as “one of the great thought-leaders in America” in an 1887 reference, the most modern definition comes from the late Joel Kurtzman.  He described thought leaders as “people who possess a distinctively original idea, a unique point of view, or an unprecedented insight into their industry.”  Although not stated outright, the unspoken idea was that you had this title bestowed on you by someone else.  You didn’t get to call yourself a thought leader.


At some point in the last few years, perhaps with the rise of social media and an increased focus on “positioning” yourself in the market, savvy entrepreneurs started giving themselves that title.  But as my mom always told me, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will do it for you.”  (Thanks, Mom!)


Kurtzman’s definition doesn’t go far enough.  Yes, originality and innovation are key requirements for a thought leader.  But that’s only part of the equation.  A thought leader needs to be able to motivate action, build a community and have an impact on that community.


Here’s another way to look at thought leaders:


Inner Drive — A thought leader needs to be Curious, Passionate, Persistent and Introspective.  These inner qualities will fuel your dedication to your area of expertise and help you remain intensely focused on what the current situation is and how it should be changed.


Outer Focus — The Inner Drive will be expressed by outward actions.  Thought leaders must be Innovative, Inspirational, Influential and Disruptive.  You must be able to lead and persuade.


Result — The best thought leaders build a Community and have Impact.  A thought leader must be able to engage with an audience and prompt that audience to action in order to effect change.


Work With Me

“I want to write a book.”


How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said it yourself?


You know that a book can help you position yourself and increase your profile.  And you finally feel you’re ready to share what you’ve learned with a bigger audience. But the thought of writing a book seems so overwhelming.  Here are some of the objections I’ve heard:


  • I have no idea how to start.
  • I’m not far enough along in my career yet.
  • I’m not a writer!
  • It’s too hard to figure out whether I should self-publish or go with a traditional publisher.
  • I don’t have the time.

If you are ready to take your coaching or consulting business to the next level, showing your thought leadership by writing a book is a great choice.  A book allows you to share your philosophy or approach with a much wider audience than you currently have.  It can position you as an expert and fuel the expansion of your business or jump-start your speaking engagements.


My superpower is helping successful coaches and consultants organize and package their skills and knowledge for a high-impact book.   I can help you capture your particular kind of genius and turn it into a book you can be proud of.


As to those objections:

I have no idea how to start.

I do!  Nothing gets me more energized that creating order out of chaos.  I’ll review the material you already have and map out a plan to get the book done.


I’m not far enough along in my career yet.

Wouldn’t a book be a great way to get you farther ahead?  Within the next 12 months, you could have a published book that will get you to that next step in your career.


I’m not a writer!

Are you sure?  Is that something you know? Or a story you’ve told yourself?  As a successful entrepreneur, you probably already do quite a bit of writing.  Let’s talk about where your skills really are.


It’s too hard to figure out whether I should self-publish or go with a traditional publisher.

The biggest issue for many entrepreneurs is time, so I usually recommend self publishing.  It can take months to find an agent and many more to find a publisher.  Then you write the book and wait 18-24 months before it’s printed and distributed.  With self-publishing, your book can be ready for promotion within the next year.


I don’t have time.

Most successful entrepreneurs are already very good at managing their time.  If you really want to make writing your book a priority, you will find the time.


Writing a book is a big step, but it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for yourself and your business.  Let’s talk about what you need and how I can help.

Let's Have A Conversation

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  • I've worked with Susan to edit various personal projects over the past 20 years because I can rely on her to clean up my prose. She can read between the lines and help me articulate what I truly mean. Working with her improves the final product in every possible way. I know we'll be working together on future projects.

    William Pretzer, Ph.D. | Historian and Museum Professional
  • One of the reasons I enjoy working with Susan is that she always keeps the intended audience in mind. Susan acts as the audience's advocate, ensuring that the message of any communication is clear, concise and meets the audience's needs. She's also very encouraging, friendly, and supportive when working with new writers, helping to make the process less overwhelming.

    Stephanie Reasons | Vice President, Techworld Language Solutions
  • I’ve been thinking about writing a book for a long time – over several false starts and almost two decades. Working with Susan, I have so much more clarity around not only what I want to write but the process as well. I have a trusted adviser who has my best interests at heart. It’s very comforting to know she will keep me accountable as I fit in writing a book around running my business. Susan is working from a deep sense of passion and love for reading and writing that cannot be manufactured. I know I am in good hands!

    David Foster | Chief Mojo Finder, Beyond Your Limits


My mission is to help you Write Your Genius.

Everyone has a little bit of genius inside of them.  And if you’re an emerging thought leader ready to take your business to the next level, I can help.

I work with passionate coaches and consultants who are ready to write a high-impact book to share their ideas and increase their influence.

I was always the girl with her nose stuck in a book.

I’ve loved playing with words for as long as I can remember.  I love reading them. I love writing them.  I get energized reading about strategy, leadership and personal development.

And I get energized by working with really smart people who have great ideas.  People who want to change the world.

If you have the ideas, I can help you form them into a dynamic and inspiring book that will give more people exposure to your genius.

I’ve worked in your world – whether you’re an entrepreneur or at home in the biggest of corporations.  My experience crosses both the for-profit and non-profit worlds and ranges from project management to leadership (I even had a LinkedIn post go viral) to strategy development and much more.

When I couldn’t find the kind of job I wanted, I created my own.  Connecting with successful coaches and consultants, I get to live out my values every day:  working with really smart people who are taking on challenging topics to have huge impact.

My nose is still stuck in a book.  But these days it’s more likely to be something from Simon Sinek or Brené Brown instead of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Let me know when you want to get started on your book.  It’s time to Write Your Genius.



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